About us

Brand Introduction:

Welcome to FORTUITOUS, a handmade soap brand inspired by the delightful coincidences of life! We're a trio of passionate friends driven by a love for unique creativity and sweet surprises.

Our Story:

In a casual gathering, the three of us shared dreams of life's wonders over glasses of drinks. Amidst the buzz, we spotted an opportunity for entrepreneurship. We decided to offer a special gift to modern young individuals—not just skincare but also a treat for the soul.

Our Mission:

At FORTUITOUS, our mission is to create distinctive handmade soaps, turning bathing into a fun experience. We focus on various dessert-themed soaps and imaginative designs, adding a dash of surprise and delight to everyday life.

Our Products:

Our product line includes an array of dessert-inspired soaps such as donuts, cakes, chocolates, and creatively designed ones like cat's paw shapes or trendy elements. Each soap is meticulously crafted, blending a dedication to natural ingredients with exquisite artistry.

A Trendy Gifting Choice:

FORTUITOUS presents a novel gifting option for the modern young individual. Whether it's celebrating birthdays, sharing friendships, or expressing love, our handmade soaps are unique and heartwarming gifts, adding more memories and warmth to your special moments.

Join Our Family:

We invite you to be a part of the FORTUITOUS family, embracing the delightful coincidences of life with us. Whether it's for yourself or your loved ones, our soaps are dedicated to those passionate about life and seeking its beauty.